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Lightweight plastic folding table - 36 inch bistro table.

Lightweight Plastic Folding Table

lightweight plastic folding table

    folding table
  • A folding table is a table with legs that fold up against the table top. This is intended to make storage more convenient and to make the table more portable.

  • (Folding tables) A trestle table is an item of furniture comprising two or three trestle supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member over which a board or tabletop is placed.

  • Of thin material or build and weighing less than average

  • a professional boxer who weighs between 131 and 135 pounds

  • weighing relatively little compared with another item or object of similar use; "a lightweight fabric"; "lightweight wood"

  • Containing little serious matter

  • having no importance or influence; "a lightweight intellect"

  • capable of being influenced or formed; "the plastic minds of children"; "a pliant nature"

  • A synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be molded into shape while soft and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form

  • Credit cards or other types of plastic card that can be used as money

  • fictile: capable of being molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material); "plastic substances such as wax or clay"

  • generic name for certain synthetic or semisynthetic materials that can be molded or extruded into objects or films or filaments or used for making e.g. coatings and adhesives

lightweight plastic folding table - Lightweight Plastic

Lightweight Plastic Folding Table - 30" x 60" (Grey) (29"H x 30"W x 60"L - 40 lbs)

Lightweight Plastic Folding Table - 30" x 60" (Grey) (29"H x 30"W x 60"L - 40 lbs)

This lightweight plastic folding table is the perfect solution for events where you are seating many people - whether indoor or outdoor, or any other occasion that calls for an affordable, lightweight, weather proof, and highly durable folding table. A smooth surface makes this table suitable for business meeting. Durable construction ensures that this table can stand up to the rowdiest students. With an attractive grey surface, this table won't look out of place, no matter where it is. The Small Table has a surface of 30"W x 60"L, the Medium Table has a surface of 30"W x 72"L, and the Large Table has a surface of 30"W x 96"L. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

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2008 West Pass Hunter Campsite and Firepit

2008 West Pass Hunter Campsite and Firepit

Volunteer Robin Vroegop was drawn for the first time for participation in the 2008 Sambar Deer Quota Hunt on SVNWR. She carefully planned her food and gear, attempting to pack lightly and strike a balance between comfort and convenience, and a back-breaking gear portage over the beach. For the most part, she accomplished her goal, but would add the following to the next December Hunt: More water; Comfortable waterproof snakeboots (instead of waders); and a lightweight 10 X 10 tarp. THIS PHOTO HAS SOME DETAILED NOTES.

Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed

Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed

Popout bed and changing table makes afternoon outings or extended travel with Baby easy, Compact and lightweight; sides fold down quickly and compactly, Pockets hold the extras and the bed wipes clean with a cloth, Includes fitted sheet; padded bottom and sides, Imported; 15.5Lx14.75Wx4.5H

Comes with a zip around clear plastic carrying bag, the only thing missing is the two toys! Pickup Only

Price $15 OBO
Will ship cheapest way possible

lightweight plastic folding table

lightweight plastic folding table

National Public Seating Lightweight Folding 96"L Seminar Table

This 18"-wide lightweight folding seminar table with cantilevered comfort style legs is perfect for any training room, conference room or seminar setup. Standard height is 29.25". Comfort style legs prevent your legs from bumping into the table.Features 2"-thick blow-molded plastic tabletop (in Gray) and 16-gauge cantilevered comfort legs (in Speckled Gray).Product Features: 18" wide 2 inch thick top Lightly spotted gray top Gray textured powder coated legs 16 gauge cantilevered comfort legs Dimensions: 30" H x 30" W x 96" L

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